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The West Side Square Development Fund is a recently established, focused, unincorporated investment fund with a 4-Year target investment horizon and a projected equity size of $50M USD. This Fund offers the chance to invest alongside Altree Developments Inc., Lanterra Developments Inc., and Westdale Construction Co. Limited in the development of West Side Square, a purpose-built rental in Jersey City, New Jersey. West Side Square is a fully zoned development site located in the Journal Square neighborhood. Construction is anticipated to commence following the closing of the offering. The development is strategically positioned on the New Jersey Port Authority (PATH) transit system, offering a 13-minute train journey to Manhattan's Financial District from the Journal Square Transportation Center. Numerous other sizable rental developments in the area, such as the Journal Squared Towers, have contributed to significant rental and economic growth in Journal Square in recent years, with continued development expected in the future. Moreover, West Side Square is situated adjacent to the Mana Contemporary Art Center and within walking distance of Lincoln Park and the Hackensack River Waterfront.

Experienced Management & Sponsorship Team

Strong Governance & Alignment with Current Owners

Fully Approval by the Jersey City Zoning Board and Shorter Investment Time Horizon

Potential Development Advantage Relative to Other Projects

Strong Location & Demographics with Opportunity for Growth

Strong Rental Market in Jersey City, Poised for Future Growth

  • 4 Year Project Time Frame*

  • $10,000 C$ or US$ Minimum Investment

  • Registered Plan Eligible

  • Public Reporting Issuer

Board of Directors

Anthony Melman,
Independent Trustee
Chairman of the Board

Mandy Abramsohn,
Independent Trustee

John Brown,
Independent Trustee

Mark Mandelbaum,

Mitchell Cohen,

executive officers

Zev Mandelbaum,
Chief Executive Officer

Natalie Leibowitz,
Chief Financial Officer

Raphael Mandelbaum,
Chief Operating Officer

Jordan DeBrincat,
Chief Development Officer

unit classes

  1. Class A Units – commission-based accounts $CAD

  2. Class U Units – commission-based accounts $US

  3. Class F Units – fee-based accounts $CAD

  4. Class E Units – fee-based accounts $US

Public Disclosure

Investor Presentation - English
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*Based on the Manager’s pro forma development budget and timeline for the Project.